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According to the website, I have an IQ of 113. I feel as though a site like could produce a “g” score because they make you pay too see an analysis of your results, which indicates to me that they put some effort into producing fairly accurate scores. General intelligence, also known as “g”, describes an individual’s specific mental ability, which is measured by tasks on an IQ test (Myers p. 405). The site breaks down your overall IQ results into different categories of intelligence and gives you an IQ score for how well you tested in a given area. For example, there is a category for “spatial intelligence” which is ones ability to predict what actions will happen based on varied conditions (Website). By looking at the broken down results you can compare areas you have strengths in, versus the areas you might struggle in. This is in accordance to what Charles Sherman found when he discovered that people who score high in one area tend to score high in similar categories (Myers p. 405). For a person to see what their “g” score would be they would simply have to look at which category they scored highest in and from that they would see in which area they have the highest intelligence in.
I do not think this on-line IQ test is a good predictor of a person’s future achievements. However, I do feel like they can be used in a positive way because they can help identify a persons strengths and weakness. Using the results of an IQ a teacher can help build on a child’s strengths or help a child be brought up to a certain level by using various teaching methods that the test helps identify (Myers p. 471). Therefore because of this an IQ test is a poor indictor of future achievement because a child can work to improve what...

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...t I am doing is correct. Also, when I was first starting out in school I was taught with a lot visual objects, because of this I had a hard time on this test because I had to do everything in my head. My parents growing instilled in me that if I work hard enough I can do anything I wanted, it would not matter how smart you are. Thus I have always thought that IQ tests cannot predict success, but can help act as a guide and a place to build from. I feel as though this test might be a fairly accurate portray of my IQ. However, the test was heavily math involved, which I tend to struggle in. Also the test made me do everything in my head. Since I consider myself a visual person I tend to have to see the work I am doing in order to be successful. Thus I feel as though if this test allowed me to do the work how I do my own I feel as though I would have done better.

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