The Humanity of God by Karl Barth Essay

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For this paper, I read and analyzed the Humanity of God, a series of three writings by Karl Barth. I focused specifically on his writing Evangelical Theology in the 19th Century. Barth begins by defining theology broadly and then evangelical theology specifically, he then expounds on its history, the theologians who represented it and the groundwork it was built on. He also discusses issues brought up by problems in the initial groundwork. This paper will explore the nature of theology drawing from the examples of the 19th century set by Barth and compare and contrast it with personal perspective on and experience with 21st century theology. The paper will conclude with an application of the Barth’s stance on the nature of theology to a modern day community.
Barth lays the foundation for his writing by expressing that theology, in the Christian faith, cannot be defined solely as the study of God, but it is imperative that it is the study of God and man – “a doctrine of the commerce and communion between God and man” (11). Evangelical theology in turn is theology that has the gospel of Christ as its DNA. In other words, every work and perspective of evangelical theology must be built from the revelation and power of the Gospel of Christ. Another important aspect of 19th century evangelical theology was that it existed “along[side]…much natural science and technology, history and politics, literature, art and philosophy, along with Roman Catholic theology…” (11). This bit of history is essential to understanding the world which the evangelical theologians lived in and interacted with constantly. It is also necessary to understand the world in which the common man immersed himself in.
Barth claims although the “breach separating [...

... middle of paper ... and loving neighbor while assuming a posture of humility and gratitude before God because of the way in which he has dealt with humans – graciously and mercifully. They would be marked with humility and gratitude towards God, by unabashed pride and freedom in the Father’s love, while still being submissive and obedient to the will of the Father. I believe that any community that follows Barth’s theology – of always putting God first – will be a community that lives life to the fullest, lives of love and joy that bring peace and healing. These are the kinds of lives the world needs today amidst all the chaos and technology.

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