Human Enslavement to Technology Essay

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The Technological Dilemma: Blindly embrace our new found Technology and perhaps face the Extermination of the Human Social Structure. As sci-fi as this might seem, society’s full acceptance of technology and its integration into the most miniscule of tasks has far exceeded any consideration of the harm that technology presents. There is practically no area of our social existence in which Technology has not grasped its cold metal tentacles about. As we attempt to argue against the seemingly blind acceptance of technology in this paper, think about each point and how technology might be better monitored in your environment. You’ll realize that the involvement of technology in everyday tasks of the human culture is not really as good a thing as our leaders, businesses and the majority of the community would have you believe.
Firstly, we must concede that technology has bettered today’s society in more than a few ways. For Example, the worlds Agricultural departments have greatly benefited from injections of technology into the field. We have seen increased crop volumes. Research in molecular growth, pesticides, and in even in the harvesting aspects, has allowed our population to grow more food faster and more efficiently than ever before. While the majority of our population may believe this to be ideal, the down side to this precarious situation is the increased volume of agricultural products reduces the levels of minerals and nutrients in the soil faster than they are replenished. “According to the 1992 Earth Summit, the USA has the worst soil in the world: 85% depleted, showing that the potency of food supply is not able to sustain optimum health.” (M. Aristidou 2009) Studies today recommend that our society supplement its di...

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