Human Cloning Should It Be Justified Essay

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Ever since the first cloned mammal, Dolly The Sheep, was created in 1996, the concept of human cloning started to arise (Nardo, 2002). Cloning is a mean of asexual reproduction, which will create a genetically identical organism by copying the DNA of a cell or an individual. By simpler mean, a clone is a duplicate or a copy (Yadav & Sharma, 2011). It is said that human cloning could bring variety of benefits to people including bringing back the deceased, and helping infertile couples. However, human cloning issue is very controversial that up until now, the future of this issue is still uncertain. There are a lot of stumbling blocks in the effort to legalize human cloning. In her book entitled ‘Cloning’, Tina Kafka says that:
“Decisions about cloning in the 21st century hinge more on ethicists, religious leaders, politicians, and the public than they do on science.” (2008)
Even though the issues on human cloning which arise in science are less than the issues arise in other fields, it is clear that human cloning should not be justified, as it is scientifically wrong.
Indeed, cloning is not a new term for most of us. Scientists have been using cloning technology to create duplicates of plants, mainly to manipulate the production of food source (Nardo, 2002). Cloning animals started way back in 1902 when a German embryologist, Hans Spemann, had cloned a salamander (Gralla, 2006). The legislative actions on human cloning have been discussed in many countries. However, all countries seem to come out with different laws regarding this issue. While Germany and Norway strictly ban all human cloning, many countries such as China, Great Britain, India, Sweden, and Israel actively support stem cell research, which is also a part of human c...

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