How Scarcity, Crime Overpopulation, Tribalism and Disease are Rapidly Destroying the Social Fabric of our Planet

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“The Coming Anarchy: How Scarcity, Crime Overpopulation, Tribalism and Disease are Rapidly Destroying the Social Fabric of our Planet” is written by Robert D. Kaplan. The author contends that all underdeveloped countries are gradually withering away due to destabilization of central governments, regional and tribal disputes, the rampant disease and the rapid spread of persistent military conflict. The West African nation of Sierra Leone is just one example of this trend. The author talks about hostilities arising in an unstable environment and how these conflicts are attributed to ethnic and religious conflict. However, realizing instability in multiple regions within countries that are ungovernable the media is an epiphany to media outlets across the world. The mainstream media will see these small skirmishes inconsequential in a global economy. Until these countries begin an outright upheaval and regime for the worse the media and quite honestly the world will believe these countries are just having ideological differences that no one really wins in the first place. Tyrants of our era and beyond will have many more chances to stake their claim in countries that a looking for a way forward. Amidst political uncertainty and tribal/village unrest there is a desire to harness precious resources. The shrinking global marketplace and population explosion will change the culture in the countries overnight. Where it was once safe to walk the streets will be filled with people that are “condemned to a life that is poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” (Kaplan p.8)
The Author’s Main Arguments
Kaplan believes there is a correlation between huge population centers, environmental depravity and tension between tribes and ethnic groups. Regardl...

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...of military deployment destinations.
It is so important to keep in mind the operational environment and the anarchy we may be facing. As a military we must continue to educate our soldier, sailors, marines, airmen and coastguardsmen. Intermediate level education for service it the field grade level it vital to this endeavor. Junior field grade officers serve in a variety of roles where there can have strategic impact. Educating junior field grade officers now will set the conditions for the execution of training and mission command within an ever changing operational environment.


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