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Time Line

The history of psychology just might be the greatest type of history to explore. From 387 B.C Plato?s Academy of Athens, where his metaphysics, epistemology, and social philosophy found expression and came to pervade Western thought. Plato was a dualist, separating the physical world from the world of true form. His assertion that reality is known through reason was not challenged until the rise of empiricism, to the Supreme Courts ruling on April 30, 1979. In Addinton v. Texas, ruled that a person may not be civilly committed to a mental institution unless the state presents ?clear and convincing? evidence they require hospitalization. This standard of evidence is greater than the ?preponderance of evidence? rule for civil cases but not strong as the ?beyond reasonable doubt? rule for criminal cases.

These two examples are to show the wide range of history Psychology has to offer. In my project I chose to focus on Industrial Organizational Psychology. (I/O Psychology) This area of Psychology interests me the most and I feel by concentrating on I/O Psychology I can learn more and keep my idea?s organized to one field of Psychology.

? *February 24, 1409 the founding of the world?s first mental hospital was inspired.
One this day in Valencia, Spain, Father Juan Gilabert Joffre came upon a crowd harassing a ?madman. ? Wealthy citizens responded to a sermon calling for a hospital for the insane. The hospital de Nuestra Dona Santa Maria de los Inocentes was founded later in the year and is still in operation.

? 1690 John Locke outlined the philosophical justification.
Later manifested in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which in effect, advocates participatory management in his argument that ...

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...f psychiatric hospitals to employee placement at the average fast food restaurant, Industrial Psychology holds an important place in history.

? Not I/O Psychology, but I felt these dates were important to note.

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