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PEDS – Performance Enhancement Drugs

The history of performance enhancement follows a timeline as vastly embedded in our history as the sports themselves. These taboo substances are of the most absolutely misunderstood category in modern medicine, and will remain as such until the cloudy illusion filled veil enveloping them is torn down.
The use of performance enhancing “substances/drugs ” for sporting spurs back as far the ancient Greek competitions of old, where contestants often chewed cocoa leaves or a utterly vast array of other “potions/concoctions”. Although the understanding of the full effect of what we now know as Testosterone was yet to be developed, the knowledge base of the substance can even be traced back to the original ancient Olympic Games was of the first proving grounds for the trials of Performance enhancement through testosterone. Athletes often chose to ingest animal testicles, often copious amounts over time, before heading to compete. The modern revolution, or renaissance, on could say truly began in the heat of the deadliest war to date. These experiments and clinical experiments began to reveal a hormone located within the testes was the true catalyst that fueled these experiments. The 1930’s synthesizing of these hormones, namely testosterone marked the turning point into the true world of performance enhancement. A true revolution came Early on in 1931 a German chemist, Adolf Butenandt, found a way to pin-point and purify the powerful hormone Androstenone. This was a catalyst for another German Shortly chemist Leopold Ruzicka, Who was expanding on Butenandt’s accomplishments/works, to develop a breakthrough means of synthesizing the hormone to make it safe for human usage. Shortly after his earlier...

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...seases, and many more. These benefits they boast can be used to treat a diverse range of diseases/disorders such as muscle wasting diseases, Hiv, sports injuries, and is even applicable for many cancer patients.
In conclusion it is clear to see that once the shroud of myth and lore that has smeared all of performance enhancement drugs we get a true understanding of their real basis. With all fallacies aside it is plain to comprehend that, of the substances abused without our chemical dependency book, Steroids and most performance enhancement drugs, are the least likely to cause derogatory effects. In fact, these “drugs” are often the miracle needed to save a life or to simply better ones sense of physical well being. Clearly it is time to shed all of these mythos and actually unveil the realm of steroids and performance enhancing drugs for the marvel they truly are.

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