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The ability to answer profound questions such as the origin of mass and dominance of matter over antimatter and a keen desire to unveil the secrets of our universe motivates me to pursue a PhD and subsequently a research career in Physics. As a PhD candidate I hope to learn about the extremely appealing field of High Energy Physics and make my contribution to it.
I got my first experience of carrying out research in a group during High School while competing in a worldwide Mathematics and Science Olympiad conducted by the University of Canberra. As a part of the team all the members had to study together to propose solutions for the posed problems. Studying about various advanced concepts, beyond the school curriculum opened up a new horizon for me, motivated me to look at problems from a new perspective and I realized my inclination towards studying Physics and Mathematics. In the final round of the Olympiad we won the Silver Medal for our school and a Certificate of Excellence. While preparing for the Olympiad I gained not only much new knowledge and experience but also confidence that devoting myself to physics was the right decision.
On producing excellent results in the final year Educational Board Exams, which is the equivalent of a US High School Diploma, I gained admission in the University of Delhi, the highest ranked university in India. I spent 3 years as part of the Bachelor’s in Physics degree in studying and developing the concepts of physics by taking papers ranging from Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics to Electricity and Magnetism and Statistical Mechanics. I had the privilege of studying under the guidance of some of the best in their field and got some much needed research exposure. During the summer of 201...

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...mental High Energy Physics motivates me to study at the University of Florida. I am certain that working and studying in such an environment would provide me with the necessary exposure for intellectual development which is crucial and vital for professional maturity. The incentive of studying about phenomenology of new Physics beyond the Standard model under Professor Matchev is a very strong reason to apply. Not only because he is working on high energy theory physics, my favourite field of study, but also because I would like to study and ultimately contribute towards the development of a Grand Unified Theory. I believe that my ability of working with determination and focus, a strong academic record and research experience will be beneficial while pursuing further study and that a PhD program at the University of Florida would be the next milestone in my career.

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