Government Control and Privacy Issues in 1984 by George Orwell Essay

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Today’s modern world may not be exactly like 1984, but there are some issues that are very similar to it. Some of the biggest issues that is becoming compromised today is the issue of privacy, which in the book 1984 was something that the people did not have much of because of things like telescreens. Not only is our privacy compromised but the government is also being too controlling. Ways today’s privacy is being compromised are through things like game consoles, phones, social media, and drones and not only is our being compromised through these things but the government is also gaining too much control by compromising our privacy.
It seems through almost anything technological it is not safe. Through things like a game console or a webcam our privacy is compromised. Things that someone may never expect to be a problem, can be a problem. It’s kind of like Winston and Julia, just when they thought they were okay to do their private business above Mr.Charrington’s shop, they weren’t. Just behind the small picture they were being spied on the whole time, “‘You are the dead’, repeated the iron voice. ‘It was behind the picture,’ breathed Julia. ‘It was behind the picture,’ said the voice. ‘Remain exactly where you are. Make no movement until you are ordered.’” (Orwell, 179) According to those who own game consoles like the Xbox one can be heard by the console at all times. It is said that the console, “…can even read your heartbeat while you're exercising, and recognize and process audio that's personalized to specific individuals.” (Sottek) Not only that, but the article talking about the Xbox one has gone as far as to make a reference to telescreens in its headline. If the possibility of being spied on through a game...

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