Genetics: Mendel’s Principles Essay

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Gregor Mendel. Some of you may know him as the “Father of Modern Genetics,” others might not know him at all but his discoveries have impacted us all in some way. His experiments may have been completed on the genetics of pea plants and these differ from actual human genetics but the principles that he developed are the same for all genetics. Gregor Mendel was a man of modern science and his principles have allowed us to understand genetics more thoroughly. With Mendel’s background we are able to understand why he created his experiment and we can use these results to develop our own reason on why genetics affect us.
Born on July 22, 1822 in Hyncice, Czechoslovakia Gregor Mendel got his start. He was born into a family of peasants where his father and grandfathers occupations consisted of gardening. At a very young age Mendel started his education studying under a local priest where he learned the basics of math, reading, and writing. By the time Mendel became a teenager he was well on his way to becoming a man of science. In his late teens he was admitted to an institute of Philosophy where he study for many years until he ran into financial trouble and could no longer afford to continue his schooling at the institute. Although his financial situation proved a problem for him to continue his studies it did not slow him down. He went back to the monastery in Brunn where he later became a priest. After he was accepted as a priest he was made in charge of overseeing the gardens and there processes. After a few months of looking after the gardens he decided that he did not have enough knowledge about gardening and science to know how the plants worked; therefore, Mendel enrolled and completed four years at the University of Vienna....

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