Gay Marriage Should Remain Legal in California Essay

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“Demographic information gleaned from the registered licenses also shows the newlywed same-sex couples were older and better educated than the average American household. More than 74 percent were over age 35, while 69 percent had at least one college degree” (Murphy). Although marriage between same-sex marriages interferes with the traditional purpose of marriage, procreation; gay marriage should remain legal in California because it justifies equality by allowing them to be socially accepted in society, it creates equality economically for taxes and finances, and reiterates that religious beliefs in all faiths should not dictate society.
The traditional purpose of a marriage is procreation. Many people fear that same-sex marriages will interfere with the traditional procreation process and disrupt society. “I often hear that “traditional marriage furthers the state's interest in procreation--and that opening marriage to same-sex couples would dilute, diminish, and devalue this goal”. (Olson) Beliefs that procreation will be greatly affect by the marriage of same-sex couples goes hand and hand with the belief that procreation should only be between a man and a women. “The purpose of marriage is procreation and the responsible rearing of children by a woman and a man. Extending to gays and lesbians the right to marry would undermine traditional marriage, and therefore, governments have a valid reason to maintain the traditional definition of it.”(Hanna) Advocates state that it is important for a child to be raised with a mother and a father because they need both a male influence in their life and a female figure in their life. "Under an equal protection argument, traditional marriage laws reasonably promote responsible procreati...

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