Fossil Fuels and Climate Change Essay

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In this paper, we focus on using fossil fuels causing climate change. Fossil fuels are fuels formed natural resources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, which are the most widely used fuel and industrial chemicals in the world. Since industrial revolution, fossil fuels bring a very great quantity convenience and technological products. So we can use cars, planes and all modern products. But fossil fuels cause climate change at the same time. Greenhouse gas, nitrous oxides and a great deal of harmful gas which are from fossil fuels are causing serious environmental problems. Therefore we need to be concerned about the problems caused by fossil fuels and the solutions.
From human entered industrial civilization era. Our human beings are always finding more and more fuels to support increasing requirement. When we are enjoying the convenience brought from fossil fuels, we should think about climate change caused by fossil fuels at the same time. “Global temperature has risen by about 0.6ºC over the last 100 years, and 1998 was the single warmest year in the 142-year global instrumental record.” (Hulme et al. 2002) Fossil fuels were born to release energy; meanwhile they produce carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides, greenhouse gas, and oil leakage and so on. In 1952 the photochemical smog event in London had carried off over 4000 people’s lives. So many extremely serious events have made bad influences on human’s life. So we must take action to face a series of problems, in order to protect environment and ourselves.
Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas make global warming which cause climate anomalies rise sea levels and Nino phenomenon. “Global warming 'will come sooner and be stronger'. A new analysis showed carbon...

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Hulme, M. turnpenny, J. & Jenkins, G. (2002) Climate change scenarios for the United Kingdom: The UCKIP02 briefing report. London: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Available at: UCKIP02 briefing.pdf

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