Flying Head-First into Innovation: Communication in a Campus Community Essay

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The United States would not be the country it is today, without the help of its millions of innovators. Innovation has built this country, and given it its strength to continue to thrive and grow. The University of Dayton’s, newly formed, Flyer Innovations Club, is exactly what the University needs to thrive; to continue to improve and grow. Flyer Innovations is a community in and of itself in the community of Dayton. John Swales explains that there are six characteristic that make up a discourse community (53). Each of these characteristics makes the community unique, which gives it the ability to stand out on its own. According to the research of John Swales, through their common goals, methods of communication, unique language, and organization of leadership, Flyer Innovations proves to be the new and promising discourse community at the University of Dayton.
Innovative ideas are what have made this country develop into the amazing and strong nation we have come to know and love. Innovations are formulated to help the population with a common problem. According to Christopher Bell, a freshman member in Flyer Innovations, “Flyer Innovations fosters creativity at its finest by allowing any member to stand on the merit of his or her own idea and self-propel it into production.” The goal of Flyer Innovations is simply to help students who have great ideas to improve the quality of life, and allows them to attempt to create a product to do just that. Swales claims that a discourse community must have “common public goals” however, it is “not [the] shared object of study that is critical…it is [the commonality of [the] goal” (53-54). Flyer Innovation’s goals are made quite clear. While observing a meeting, it was obvious that each...

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...reate some sort of product or products to help improve peoples’ lives. Although they use traditional means of communication, such as email and group meetings, it fulfills its purpose. Their communication is done in a manner where all parties involved receive the intended meanings. Even though the club is new, it already has its own unique words, which are used during meetings. Everyone in the group is treated fairly, and equally. No one is more important than anyone else. With all of these aspects, meeting all of Swales’ arguments, it is clear that Flyer Innovations is indeed a discourse community.

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