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For most free-lance writers success comes with hard work, but most of all there are five specific things that freelance writers need to do. Being able to network, setting a valid pay rate, and being able to communicate, all to produce credibility with clients. I shall briefly touch down on these subjects.

Communication is necessary with your client, some are not as articulate as you. Knowing which questions to ask, you be able to put them at rest. Give them what they want, whether your project is forty-five dollars or a thousand dollars. Keep your client engaged, and let them know your progress. Keep a news letter, letting them know when you are taking classes, so your clients are well-informed about your willing to continue to learn and keep your skills up-to-date. Always be nice, smile, and make eye-contact while in meetings with your clients, some clients are Internet only. These clients are harder to please, it is harder to get that communication going. But, be diligent, do not be afraid to ask questions. Do set your boundaries, while maintaining a nice attitude. It can be down right frustrating when writing for someone you don’t know in person. Do not be afraid to do a little verbal fishing when necessary. Write and re-write till your client is happy, often what you originally wrote will not be the final copy. But it’s about making the client happy and having a great product.

Product, this is the paper, or the speech you write for a client. However it is not just that, it is how you present your self. You will have to sell your self [some-what] to the client, that does not mean coming off a braggart or cocky. Be your self, be honest, and don’t complain! Now, you have your foot in the door you have engaged your client, n...

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...t to another writer who might be able to better server the client. Your colleague will most likely appreciate the work and the client should like finally getting someone who might understand them better. Punctuation and spelling are key seriously, sure the best writers can’t always spell all words, and some do slip by, however it should be the exception. Another way to boost up your credibility is to be professional in your writing, even after a relationship is established. Be prompt just like any other career or job.

Now go out and have fun. Because the bottom line is that you need to love and adore writing. Trust me even the most mundane subjects should jump alive for your readers. That only comes across when it is doing what you love to do. A little personal insight, for me it is combining words that make sense, can motivate, or explain things for someone.

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