The Fight for Gay Equality Essay

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As the world evolves all the people who live on it evolve as well. The United States basis its constitution on equal rights and that all people should treat each other with equal standards. The gay community over the past couple decades has evolved from not being able to marry legally, to a handful of states passing a law to allow gay marriage. Although laws are being enacted to better the equality of homosexuals, the gay community has a long way to go before they are equal with the rest of society.
The gay community has been at a constant struggle for many years about whether they can legally get married in a court room. It has been a battle to get the states to sign off on the law which allows the next step in their relationship. “The legal challenge to DOMA stemmed from a suit by a New York woman, Edith Windsor, who was hit with a $363,000 federal estate tax bill after her wife died in 2009”( Gay Rights). The same situation also occurred but only with a couple of different sex it ended with the surviving spouse would have inherited it tax free. Many heterosexuals believe that it was only intended that a man and women get married and not women and women and vice versa. “Gay rights advocates are making significant gains in winning marriage rights for same-sex couples in the United States and around the world, even though the overwhelming majority of states and countries still limit marriage to opposite-sex couples” (Jost). Out of all fifty states about twelve and the District of Columbia have passed the same sex bill; since then a few more states have signed approving same sex marriage. Once all fifty states sign off on the same sex marriage law the gay community will be one step closer to being just as equal as the rest of so...

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...t under the microscope and looked at with a fine tooth comb. Only now they are finally getting what they deserve and that’s being equal with the rest of society; they are slowly progressing but not to the point of satisfaction for the gay community. The gay community is dedicated to fighting for equality and they aren’t going to stop till they accomplish their goal of living a normal life just like the rest of society.

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