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Helping students to learn and grow is a foundational belief of what I will strive to accomplish as a teacher. Every single student has their own individual talents and strengths and I plan to cultivate these strengths to help students become the best they can be. As every student’s learning is extremely important to me, I believe in providing an engaging and welcoming learning environment which students truly enjoy. This will always be a safe and positive environment for all students. My teaching strategies include elements of clarity, variability, enthusiasm, and opportunities to learn and discover. These are essential components I possess and will continually work to improve as an educator.

As an agricultural teacher, I find it imperative to follow the agricultural education model which includes; classroom instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and FFA, as integrated components in my classroom. My curriculum includes all elements of the agricultural model and students are expected to participate in all areas of the model. Every student will have an individual project (SAE), and they will participate in two FFA events. If they choose not to follow these guidelines, they will be graded accordingly. I believe that agriculture education is the premiere education for students because; it promotes premier leadership, personal growth and career success. In order to ensure that every student has been pushed to their maximum potential, I will follow the model and promote FFA as an inter-curriculum activity. Along with the agricultural education model, I believe it is just as important to develop curriculum that is community based. Therefore, I will seek advice from the community on what they want would like the agricultu...

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...erefore, I strive to provide learning opportunities for students to gain the skills in career and technical areas. I am a teacher who provides alternative assessments, and allow students to work within their natural multiple intelligences to prove they understand the lessons. I am passionate about what I teach, and by teaching agriculture, I believe that I am helping to sustain this vital industry and preparing our future to take hold of that very important role. Although not all students may become employed in the agriculture industry, I believe that the knowledge that they will leave with will help them to be more responsible and informed citizens of their communities and country. I believe in Kaizen, which means: seemly small, continual never ending steps to improve. Above all, I will always make every effort to improve my teaching for the better of the students.

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