Epidemiology in Nutrition Essay

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Epidemiology in nutrition:
The professional in nutrition will be able to interpret with the epidemiological approach to health and disease situations which raises their professional performance, with special attention to the prevention within the resolution of problems.
Describe the natural history with ecological sense of proper nutrition and diseases associated with deficiencies in the food and nutrition.
Determine in the previous pathologies the Levels of prevention and actions at each level.
Use the concept and methodology of risk approach for the detection of causality and for the prioritization of actions in the control or solution of nutritional diseases in communities and individuals.
Manage the systematics information of morbidity and mortality, learn about their uses and limitations and describe from its, the health - disease in the country in pathologies associated with failures of feeding and nutritional situation.
Formulate from the above what issues requiring epidemiological research and select correctly the type of methodology to be used: ...

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