The Effects of Global Digitalization on the Entertainment and Media Industries

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Global Digitization
Their Effects on the Entertainment and Media Industries
In order for a modern entertainment or media company to flourish in the midst of the ever transforming technological age, there are certain characteristics that should be employed. Understanding the importance of the digital transition and how to incorporate it to maximize the value of digital links is imperative. Likewise, understanding how to get ahead of the ever present competition is another key. In addition, using proper legal tactics pertained to the global market will arm a company to conduct international business affairs. Lastly, acquiring the needed talent to develop and maintain an international company is another valuable tool. A company that builds their business upon these characteristics has a greater opportunity to remain competitive and profitable in the modern entertainment and media markets.
Literature Review
Why would an established company switch from a proven method of media delivery? According to the new federal broadcast regulations stipulated in 2009, local broadcasters were mandated to stop broadcasting by use of an analog signal and made to switch to digital (Kabelowsky, 2013). This was ordered because the digital signal opens up more space in the bandwidth and allows more channels and internet access to become accessible (Kabelowsky, 2013). Therefore, firmly established companies, like Time Warner transitioned out of the analogue era into the new and improved digital age. In addition to the federal mandates there are other benefits to switching from the analogue to the digital platform.
Mike Hogan, a Time Warner Cable spokesperson states:
"We are moving towards a higher-quality, digital-only experience by making channels that ...

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...Time Warner glean talent from all over the world, they offer all access to their content internationally as well.
Time Warner employs an All Access approach, where subscribers can receive content that is printed, online, and on tables anywhere. Although Time Warner maintains a global horizon, they still focus their content on a local level. There are over 80 million Time Inc. subscribers peppered throughout the world. Turner Inc. has over 30 channels in a variety of dialects in Asia Pacific, broadcasts to over 100 EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) territories, and transmits more than 50 signals to over 48 million households in Latin America (Time Warner, 2014). With consumers scattered throughout the world and content available on numerous platforms; Time Warner truly is setting the bar high in leading the next phase of the digital media evolution.

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