Drugs and Alcohol Among our Young Essay

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Drugs and alcohol have become a huge issue among young people. Laws have been made to prevent teens from obtaining alcohol and certain legal drugs, but it still happens. The biggest problem is teens do not understand how to handle alcohol and do not understand the risks or consequences. They want to be cool and fit in and have fun, but it is not all fun and games. Adolescents are able to find drugs and alcohol so easy these days. It is a scary thought to think about what our generation has come to and how the generations will be after us. According to, cool defined is, to stay calm even when you are stressed. In my opinion cool is when you feel like you belong and people do not judge you, because they accept you for who you are. A lot of times “quote,” wrote Myers (45). The conventional way of focusing more on appearance than on substance can turn “cool” people into superior beings. However to be cool can be seen as a negative attitude leading to individual indifference and their social life may go downhill. Drugs and alcohol are not cool and teens need to stop thinking that their lives revolve around it.
All teenagers have their own reasons for taking drugs. Research shows that people take drugs mainly: to fit in a community or group, to escape or relax, to feel older than their friends, to have fun, to rebel and not have fear, and to experiment. A lot of people who have taken drugs say that they saw it as a solution to a problem. But later admitted that they ended up with bigger problems. Everyone has issues in life, because no one is perfect. Some advantages that people think drugs have are: having a group of friends, doing something exciting, coping with stress, and helping with problems like shyness, sleep ...

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... alcohol. I think it is really overrated and it should be harder to obtain, because most teens are so irresponsible. I think the consequences of drunk driving should be extremely more severe than they are currently. If some teens want to drink in their house and have a game night, then I definitely think that is ok. I think there just needs to be more severe consequences when adolescents can not be responsible when it comes to drinking. When it comes to illegal drugs, I do not agree at all. There is nothing but trouble when it comes to drugs. I would rather my children drink alcohol than take drugs. Most drugs are addicting whereas alcohol is not necessarily addicting. Drugs can kill you on the first try so they are obviously bad and that is a no brainer. If people had common sense and consideration of the people around them, then the world would be a better place.

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