Essay on Domestic Violence in the United States

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A seven year-old boy frantically calls 911 as he witnesses his father physically abusing his mother. Tears overflow his eyes as the mother is beaten. The father demands his wife to never leave him, and although she agrees, he continuously beats her, showing dominance and control. The boy drops the phone and backs into a corner while his mother is on the ground and his father is coming at him with a closed fist. This is just one case of domestic violence that affects nearly 32 million Americans, which is over 10% of the United States population. What exactly is domestic violence? Also known as domestic, spousal and child abuse, domestic violence can take many forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, and economic. Regardless of what type of abuse it is, they can all have one common denominator: to obtain and maintain complete control over the victim.
Probably the most common type of domestic violence, physical abuse consists of pain, injury or any other type of physical suffering or bodily harm. The victims that are affected by physical abuse are not classified by any type of gender, age or race. Physical abuse can happen to anyone. Forms of physical abuse include punching, kicking, biting, strangling, whipping and intentional exposure to various dangers such as heat, cold, electricity, and toxins. Easier than other forms of domestic violence, physical abuse marks, or indicators, can be easily seen. Indicators can take forms as sprains, fractures, burns, blisters and bruises. Behavioral indicators include unexplained or preposterous explanations for injuries, explanations differ from one person to the next and, similar injuries continue to appear after seeking medical help.
Sexual abuse, also referred to as molestation, i...

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...aceful behavior, fooling you into believing he has finally changed. He begins to fantasize about abusing you again and sets' up his plan in motion.
General warning signs of domestic violence are that the victim seems afraid of their partner, always agree with them, receive frequent calls , and talks about his temper and jealousy. If a person is the victim of domestic violence, always express concern, listen, offer help, ask and always support. One must never wait for her to come to you for it may be too late, judge or blame, pressure the victim, and give advice. Remember, abusers are very good at controlling and manipulating their victims. Abused and battered victims need help to get out, yet they are isolated from their family and friends. By picking up on the warning signs and offering support, you can help them escape an abusive situation and begin healing.

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