Essay on Does Violence in the Media Contribute to Violent Behavior in Children

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Mass Media. What exactly does that mean? To me, mass media is anything that can deliver a message to me. It could be a billboard, news, music, television, video games, books, magazines, and the internet to name a few. Television, movies, and video games are a big part of children's lives in today's technologically advanced society. When children are exposed to television and violent video games they watch with intensity. Depending on what the are watching they can have overwhelming feelings of shock, horror, disbelief, grief, disappointment, happiness, and sometimes depression. So that brings us the golden question. Does violence in the media contribute to violent behavior in children? Some children do act based on what they have seen on television or on video games. Is the media to blame? Should parents be to blame? How strong of a hold does the media have on children? Is violence the result of children who watch too much television or who play too many violent video games or the lack of being able to separate reality from fantasy? Are parents not paying enough attention to their children?

Some say that the rise of violence in society is a symptom of no value systems and poor parental instruction. Others say, and this is backed up with factual evidence, that violence that is seen on television, in the movies and in video games is directly linked to the violence in society. There are people who say the movies and videos are just taking what they see in real life and putting them into their games or movies. Either way, there is too much violence in the mass media and the outcome of this can in no way, shape or form be a good one.

When a child commits a violent act, the crime is often blamed on the television prog...

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