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In today’s competitive landscape, organizations must utilize every resource to its fullest in order to achieve profitability. Peter F. Drucker, who is known as “the founding father of the discipline of management”, informs us that employees are assets, which should be treated as a company’s most valuable resource. The key players involved in utilizing this valuable resource are the managers of a company. Managers have a vital role in a company and the effort they put forth into their tasks and responsibilities will directly affect the success of a company. In Drucker’s book Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (Revised Edition), he explains the role of a company’s management team and the secrets to becoming a great manager.
A company is held together by the managers, they are the link between the employees working in the factories and top of the corporate chain. A manager’s main purpose, according to Drucker, is to produce economic results. These economic results are not only measured by a company’s profit, but by a company’s contribution to society. What general operations does a manager do to increase or decrease these economic results? Drucker explains that the first job of a manager is to set objectives. They develop the goals of the company and determine what needs to be done in order to reach these objectives. Other operations include organizing, motivating, communicating, and developing themselves as well as the employees.
These oporations tie directly into what Drucker explains are the dimensions of magnagement. He defines these dimentions by three main tasks, or rather responsibilities, that a manager must evenly appliy in order to have a chance of success. The first responsibility of a manage...

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...ested (215). If one cannot turn the elimination of an impact into a business opportunity then the management must develop an appropriate regulation in order to achieve the best trade-off between the costs and benefits of eliminating that social impact. Society depends on the company to regulate impacts and take care of any negative outcomes.
Peter Drucker’s book is a very thorough description of many of the concepts necessary for effective management. The three management tasks that Drucker explains are basic, yet they are highly valuable for managing any type of institution. His writing shows evidence not only of his careful consideration of the past and present management techniques, but a keen effort to see into the future. Just like a great manager, his message is clear and well prepared and he wants his audience to be motivated to take on the future.

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