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DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. is a mobile service provider in Malaysia. DiGi provides a variety of mobile communication services. These services include voice under their prepaid plans & postpaid plans, SMS, data plans and services, international roaming, international calling card and WAP services. DiGi’s website has serve informational latest updates and news, packages and many more.

This website has good content regarding the information about DiGi services. The content has include about DiGi Plan offered, the Internet packages, customer can shop for smartphone and tablet with labeled with its prices, about DiGi reward, its apps, the latest DiGi Reward and product and many more. This website organized ideally with labeled for each section and make this site look customize.

DiGi website has a simple and well defined design with a nice use of appropriate color and background. This website used mostly yellow color as DiGi theme color and white and grey colors are matching well together. Graphic and picture has interesting design which is the picture can change with another picture, it makes this website attractive and striking site.

DiGi has stated the all right reserved of this website is under DiGi Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd but for the author or creator for updates or any advertisement has no clear responsible person to contact with and to know its credentials. This site only shares the DiGi Customer Services Helpline number and an email to contact with them. This is because as a big company that offered services to the people and may get a lot of problem if they give the personal contact number to public, it can misuse to irresponsible person that will use for their good.

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...sting to use their services and searching the information about DiGi services offered.

There has share the phone number and email but not an address of the company. But phone number and email is readily accessible for feedback or questions by the user. DiGi has its own braches DiGi center for each state so user can go to DiGi center to get more information but still no share the address for each state branch.

As a conclusion what can conclude that DiGi’s website has good info to the company image and services and helps user to get the information. There a few things that this website good for example of their content and graphic but there is some items they need to improve. They should make this available for a hearing impaired audience because it is text only options. Overall, this website has its own strength but still needs to improvise time to time.

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