The Crook Crew: Personal Reflection Essay

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The Crook Crew
Maya Angelou once said, “… let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” This is a great example of a powerful, independent, beautiful woman that any young girl would be lucky to have just a quarter of the integrity that she had. The idea of faith being the sole foundation that I walk upon each day has been embedded in my way of life since before birth. I was born on July, 10th 1994 to the parents of Kenny and Anita Crook who are still together and my family of origin and procreation. I have two sisters who are younger than I, Mckenzie who is 17, and Sydney who is 13. We all permanently reside in the same house, but I am in an apartment on campus so throughout the school year it is much different. My father has always said that we are the “Crook Crew” by name not by trade, and that has reigned true, because my family has a reputation to uphold which is a put together, Christian, generous, and well-rounded entity with little to no visible conflict. The reason we have this reputation of faith as our foundation is because my father is a pastor of a church in Maryville, Tennessee and it is very important to live by example and not be hypocritical. Currently I am a sophomore nursing student and I have been influenced in that aspect by my mother who is a R.N. and Professor of nursing classes also in Maryville. These people make up my nuclear family system and even though I have a large amount of kinship ties I will highlight the most crucial ones when their designated influences emerge. I will scratch the surface of what my family system entails, however like most modern families there is so much deviation in day to da...

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...ated depends on a wide variety of factors. Self-disclosure and being truthful in communication is definitely a factor because it will display trust and intimacy with the other individual. Within my family, self-disclosure was an everyday event because we constantly had something going on that needed to be discussed. For example, if I ever stayed to myself and did not self-disclose then my parents would assume something was wrong and would approach me to solve the problem at hand. Their solutions did not have much variation instead they consisted of a possibility of three things; a personal story(that normally I had heard before), a suggestion to pray more to Jesus, or my personal favorite to just suck it up and move on. These solutions were not really solutions but that is how they felt and because we had such open communication they said what they were thinking.

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