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The Wedding
Charlie looked around the room; he couldn’t believe that he was the best man for his good friend’s wedding. His good friend Steve looked so out of place in a suit instead of the fireman’s suit that they were accustomed to wearing. Charlie had met Steve five years ago when he had joined the department, and now was given the honor of being his best man. The toast had already been given and he could not take his eyes of the Bride’s cousin, Whitney he believes is her name.
She looked so breath taking sitting underneath the lace covered trees, sitting there so silently. ‘I have to talk to her.’ and with that thought in mind he strides over to her. He had met her briefly during the rehearsal dinner. He had been enchanted by her.
The elegant way she smiled and how she would hug and interact with her family made him smile. The sound of her laughter like the tinkling of bells; made his heart feel warmth. Like a cat lying in the sun, this surely must be what content must feel like. Although he felt content he knew he must talk to her.
‘Such sadness in her eyes, I know how that feels’ he mused as he thought of his own lonely childhood. ‘I know even when you have a good family, doesn’t mean you don’t suffer from loneliness and pain’ he reminds himself. He wanted to be the one to take away her pain and give her joy and pleasure.
‘It’s not like I haven’t had dates’ he thought as he pictured the women that have flirted with him whenever his good friends would drag him to the bar. Those women that he had taken on dates had seemed vapid and shallow. They did not enjoy great literature or the simple pleasures of life.
‘Beefcake is all they think I am qualified to be.’
He wanted to experience the real deal, the love that can...

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...aught it. If she were to get married Charlie would not be a bad choice for a husband.
“So, Cousin it looks like you’re the next to walk down the aisle” Juliette teased.
“If it is Whitney, I don’t mind” Charlie said.
Charlie could feel the eyes of all the wedding guests on him. He didn’t care. It was his chance to tell her his feelings.
“Whitney, will you go out with me” he asked.
Breathing deeply, she decided she may as well give him a try. ‘It’s just a date after all ‘she thought to herself.
“Yes, I will go out with you” She answered.
She could feel Charlie’s arms around her as he pulled her in for a kiss. ‘Mmm. His lips are so soft’ she thought and could barely hears the murmurs and cheers of the crowd. . For the first time that day she smiled a real smile. Maybe springtime had come for her after all. And maybe she could love again after all.

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