Essay on Creative Writing: The Story of Emily

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It started as a normal Monday morning; Emily crawled out of bed attempting not to wake her mother. She grabbed the tethered clothing that she had worn the day previously and began to dress. Every move she made seemed to echo the floor with creaks from the wood. She walked into the kitchen as if walking on red hot ash to make her mother coffee trying to avoid the usual routine beatings. Emily rushed out the door as she heard rustling coming from her mother’s room. She walked to the bus stop noticing the old, deteriorating houses with trash in the yards.
Emily was a 14-year-old girl who had an interesting life. Emily had long, brown hair that touched her mid back. She had brown eyes, fair skin, and lips red as a freshly picked rose from a beautiful garden. Emily wore the same old, tethered pink dress that she had worn for the past few months as her mother believed she didn’t need more clothing. It had holes around some areas, stains, and a rip in the left sleeve from a belligerent morning with her mother. Emily was a very shy and quiet young girl. She believed staying alone helped her during life. Emily was a part of a broken family. Her father ran out on her when she was just a baby. Her mother had an emotional breakdown and began drinking quite often. As Emily grew older she started to realize her mother’s true problems with drinking. Then the beatings began every morning and quite often in the nights. Emily strayed away from friends thinking it would be easier not to explain the bruises.
Emily reached the bus stop as her mind is still processing the previous thoughts of her life. She entered the bus with her head leaned down as her eyes stayed on the steps and black flooring of the dirty yellow bus. She sat in the second to...

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... her food every morning. She fell asleep for the first time since her capture and placement in the dark, black room. She was awaked by a sudden bag being placed around her head. She struggled to depart the bag but the man was fighting against her. Emily saw her life flash before her eyes as she took her last breath. She felt a since of relieve when she knew it was the end of her life. Emily then died with a smile on her face and in no more pain.
The man knowing what he had done wrapped Emily’s body in a slick, black bag. He planned on taking her body to the river down a secluded road and dumping it inside. The man began to move Emily’s body into the trunk of his black mustang. As he lifted her into the car he heard sirens in the distance. The man’s adrenaline began to rush through his body. He finished throwing Emily’s body into the trunk and slammed the lid.

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