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There is boy, and there is a girl, and there is a wretched, wretched world.


Once upon a time, they ruled the world —

A world where the hallways cleared for the two of them; they danced, side by side, underneath the limelight of a chandelier, glowing down upon the elegant ballroom - they held hands, and Massie had lifted her white dress, spinning around effortlessly, as if dancing with him was meant to be. There were flowers on the sides of their respective schools, and days when she had felt as though nothing could go wrong - everybody had stated that they were the perfect couple, that the two of them were meant to be, forever and always.

In a way, she used to believe that too, all the way back then, though, when everything had been much simpler. She's not a child anymore, though. Massie walks through the cold streets of the Upper East Side, glaring at skyscrapers and individuals who seem to be so in love that it hurts to watch them; tears slip down her cheeks, and she immediately wipes them up, knowing that displaying any sign of emotion would be showing that he won.

He would have won everything - and it can't be right to give up so easily like that, but Massie doesn't think that she wants to carry on with their battles anymore; there's the feeling of victory, but it isn't worth the crumbling pain of loss that forces her to break down inside, and like those bowling pins - out of everything, she still remembers those bowling pins - not be able to get back up, forcefully of course. She crumbles to the floor, and lets the darkness envelop her, stumbling along the street.

The oak trees are scattered across the gathering; their trunks are gnarled, ancient with age, and twisted together like fervent lovers. They loo...

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...but they're not really suited by his angelic blond curls or the fact that he keeps on wearing these knockoff leather jackets from his older brother, Harris. Massie thinks that someday, maybe for Thanksgiving - the day seems to be coming around the corner soon enough - or something like that, she's going to buy him some flannel shirts or something normal that normal guys wear.

Then again, if Cameron was even close to normal, Massie doesn't think that the two of them would be such good friends - she doesn't like looking at him for the same reason that her best friend Claire likes looking (gazing in this stalker way that could be called lovesick) at him, not at all.

She likes looking at him, because throughout her childhood, whenever she was with Cameron, Derrick would always be right behind him. Sometimes, when Massie still looks at Cameron, she can see Derrick.

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