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Creative Writing: New Me Essay

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“Morgan I would love it if you came with me. It would be so much fun. When the program is over, we can hang out with Gram or maybe we could take her out for a bite to eat.’
That was the best that I could come up with to stop her from going to the women’s meeting without me. Morgan looked at me and I could tell she was tempted. I was hoping she would come with me. Morgan took a few moments to think and then she said,
“Well Mama I want to go to the women’s meeting. I want to see what it is like. I already know what’s up with Nadia’s retarded point of view, you warned me in advance and I am ready for it. I am not going to respond to it. I just want to see how the women work.”
I knew that I had lost that battle before it got started. I tried to get her to do what I wanted, but she had the right to come and go as she pleases.
“Ok Morgan, check them out if you must. Where are they meeting at this time?”
She thought about it a second and then she said,
“I am not sure Mama. I will have to give Nadia a call and find out the time and the place.”
I could also see that Nadia had begun making contact with my daughter. She was really trying hard to incorporate our family into the Hebrew Israelite mix. I finally gave up my half hearted efforts to stop her from going.
“Ok baby girl that is cool. Have fun. I just wish you were going with me.”
Morgan laughed at me and said
“There will be another time when I can hear my aunts in concert and maybe I will have the chance to sing with them, but right now I want to see what the women’s group is talking about.”
I finally gave in and I accepted that she was not going to go with me.
“Ok baby. Paul will drop you off and pick you up of course?”
“Yes Ma’am, Morgan said. He is also goi...

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...thing but pure jealousy. I knew those bitches had planned it that way!
I wanted them to know that I was not afraid to take a stand. I looked at Nadia and she looked the other way. She knew she was on my shit list. I gathered up my things and I said to my crew,
”Ya’ll get your stuff together. I am ready to go!”
Gabriel walked our family out to the car.
“Sis Trina, I am so sorry I had no idea that any of this even happened at all! I promise you that it will be taken care of.”
I stopped walking and I looked into Gabriel’s eyes.
“Gabriel I am not leaving the group, but if I am going to be a part of this group, them crazy ass bitches in there are going to have to be brought under control. I am not fucking around with them! They are not going to treat my daughter that way just because she is wearing jeans and she has a cute figure. I will not tolerate it!”

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