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She had brownish red hair and blue eyes, which were actually gray without contacts on. She was wearing a leather fur jacket, and as she walked towards the alleyway of Dima’s Club a night club which was frequented by members of the Russian mob, she saw that the club was closed, and that there was caution tape all around, indication that something had happened here.
“Hands where I can see them,” a cop guarding the crime scene said as soon as he spotted the woman with brownish red hair wandering around, Alexis nodded doing as she was told, there wasn’t any point in trying to fight back, and raising her arms above her head, as the cop slowly and cautiously approached her.
“What is a lady like you doing here?” his partner asked in disbelief. “This is a crime scene.”
What was she doing here, in a night club, deep in Russian mob territory they ask, well trying to find Yuri of course. The only man that was still alive with any connection to her past. A past that she wanted to forget about, a past she had thought forgotten when she had fled the Motherland and come to the Un...

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