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I can’t believe she’s doing this to me again. Every time it’s the same thing, she meets a rich man who makes her feel special and she just has to be with him, so they get married and they’re happy right?
Wrong! She forgets that she has this thing that she has to drag along with her. That thing is me. In the past I would’ve begged and begged to stay and try to get her to see that this man was no different than the others, but by her third marriage I had accepted that she was never going to listen. Now, I just go along with the happy family act, until the man gets bored with us and moves on. I wonder how long this one will last. 8? 9 months? Maybe she’ll get lucky and keep him for a year.

Shoot! I’m late! I throw the covers on to the floor and throw on a pair of jeans and a white v-neck. My bag is heavy with last night’s unfinished homework as i sling it over my shouolder. I run down the stairs, wave to mom and I’m out the door. As always Joey was sitting on the porch waiting for me. “ Over slept again?” He said with a small grin on his face.
“Listen man, it’s hard enough to try and function with only three hours of sleep, I don’t need your sarcasm too.”
“Wow, someone’s cranky. What are you even doing up that late?”
“Drawing. I started this new one and i just couldn’t stop until i finished it around 3 in the morning”
“ You’re crazy man. Why couldn’t you just finish it today?”
“ ‘Cause I haven’t drawn anything for like, two weeks and I wasn’t going to let the inspiration slip away.”
“ Can i at least see this masterpiece?”
I dig up a piece of paper from my bag and hand it to him. On it is an eye with big bold eyelashes and a thin eyebrow over it. The entire picture is black and white except for the eye i...

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...I’m a creep. Just suck it up and go. I crossed the street and walked up to her.
“Hey” I said as i walked along side her
She looked at me with a confused expression on her face
“Are you stalking me or something? You’re that guy right?The guy from yesterday that was staring at me from across the street.”
Great, she saw me, now I am on a whole new level of creepy.
“ No I’m not, I mean yes i am that guy, but I’m not stalking you, i just saw you moved in and wanted to welcome you into the neighborhood. I’m Luke.”
I held out my hand and she looked at me reluctantly and shook it.
“That’s a pretty name.”
“ Thanks”
I roll up my drawing into a scroll
“ Whatcha got there?”
I look down at the scroll and then look back up at her.
“ Umm, well it’s a drawing.”
“ Can I see it?”
I sigh and give her the drawing. She opens it up and her eyes go wide.

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