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The Encounter in Brazil
“We go in there, and shoot the Brazilians down one by one and the job is all done.” Zeldon smiled, listening to his fellow trooper explain to the group, his view of the mission.

“We are approximately ten km from the location,” yelled the pilot, struggling to explain details with the sound of the chopper in the background.
Zeldon peered down, revealing the forest which was filled with trees lined so accurately he considered abandoning his perspective of the Amazon forest being a natural wonder.

“Zeldon, join me, and your family is safe forever,” Zeldon could hear the voice whispering inside his head.
Zeldon reached for his wallet and stared at a picture of his wife and daughter. It was his daughter’s fifth birthday. The house was full of people; the cake was decorated with a picture of her imprinted into the cake, a gold coloured candle in the middle shaped into a 5. Her smile looks so innocent, and beside her stood his wife, who with her black silky hair, and gleaming blue eyes, looked beautiful always.
“Mayday! Mayday!” shouted the pilot as the helicopter went down.
“What’s happening?” asked Zeldon
“We’ve been hit by a Brazilian anti-aircraft missile,” answered Manly. He a calm and fit man and a member of the Special Ops
“Evacuate, Evacuate,” said the pilot.
“What about you?” asked Zeldon
“I’ll be fine. My life is this baby and I am not prepared to leave it. If it goes down, so will me,” said the pilot in a sad voice.
Zeldon hustled grabbing his M16 and parachute preparing for the leap. He took a moment to observe his location, above the dense forest, with a miniature building in the background, and jumped. He deployed his parachute, and glided through the trees, trying to get as close as he cou...

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...eldon put his gun down. ‘Bang’ a bullet screamed past Zeldon and went right through Karov’s head, and from the shadow came Manly.
“I will rescue the president; you just take your family and go. There is a door that leads straight to the forest. Here’s the remote,” said Manly.

When Zeldon pressed the remote, instantly rays of sun light stroke the cell, and revealed various screens and gadgets hidden by the shadows. Among those machines was a helicopter. As Zeldon and his family flew out of the complex, there was an explosion. Tears ran down Zeldon’s face, but almost instantly after he smiled, hearing the sound of a chopper
3 days later
“Zeldon and Manly, will be receiving an honour medal for their brave efforts in Brazil, in rescuing the president,” said the speaker.
“Thank you Zeldon. Do you want to hang out more often,” said Manly.
“Sure,” replied Zeldon.

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