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The Cybermen shoved the Warrior into his capsule. The Cyberleader moved to stand in front of all the Doctors. "There are only eight more Doctors to catch before we can start upgrading."

"What do you plan to do with all of us?" the Warrior asked.

"We plan to upgrade you, your brains will give the Cybermen infinite knowledge."

"How will you stop us from regenerating?" Twelve questioned.

"We have discovered a way to prevent the regeneration process." the Cyberleader explained.

"Impossible!" Nine shouted.

"With a billion billion Cyber minds it's not." Ten sighed.

"The Doctor is correct." the Cyberleader responded.

"Which one?" Nine and Ten asked simultaneously.

"The one with the glasses." The Cyberleader answered before leaving.
It was so emotionless. There once was a person inside there who had emotions. Now there was nothing but a tin man with a brain.

Ten sobbed in his capsule remembering what happened with Rose, how he had to lose her to save the universe. He never got to tell her that he loved her..

"Rose." he choked out.

Rose was just coming to,...

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Creative Writing: 25 Days Essay - ... Ten sobbed in his capsule remembering what happened with Rose, how he had to lose her to save the universe. He never got to tell her that he loved her.. "Rose." he choked out. Rose was just coming to, after all that the Warrior had done to her the Doctor didn't blame her for being unconscious so long. "Who was that?" she asked from the capsule, her memories still kind of muddled. "Me." Ten whispered knowing that she couldn't see him, blocked by the damned one way glass.. She won't be able to see him until Nine regenerated....   [tags: the cybermen, doctor, paradox] 547 words
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