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Let’s imagine this situation. If you need to close your eye feel free to do so. You wake up Saturday morning, at your usual time of 6:00am. You take a quick shower, eat a very fast breakfast, and head to work. Your job is one of hard physical labor, and honestly, it sucks. At about noon, you take a 30 minutes break to eat lunch, and are working again in no time. Yeah, good luck eating in that time. You’ll have no more breaks till your job is over with. Its 1:30pm now, and your back is really hurting, if you take a break, you’ll work better. The security guards shouldn’t do anything if you only take a minute. Well you’re about to find out, because one of your coworkers stopped for a break. What they did makes you wish u went back to work five minutes earlier. They dragged the guy across the jagged floor and his arm got caught between two rocks. They kept pulling until it snapped in two. They then proceeded to break his legs because he sat down and didn’t want to use his legs just a minute ago. See the irony? Now he can’t work, provide for his family, and they will surely starve, because you barely can feed your family with the salary. Luckily tomorrow is your only day off the entire week. You can rest, or can you?
You want to stand up, for freedom, for your family, but you can’t. The government will kill you, your family, even your friends, but if you don’t, they’ll probably die from disease, or will keep on living in oppression. They don’t want people to get revolution ideas, which could tear down their pretty little system. The soldiers are guarding you, but not from attackers, or other harmful things. They’re guarding you so you can’t do anything. So you can’t make things better.
Well Sunday comes around, and you go shopping...

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...y scary option, it means giving up forever. Is that really the way you want to go. I think I’d like to take a stand. Fight everyone I have left. The problem is when your family and friends are threatened. Your decisions will affect them in a big way. What is the best way to get to someone, take away the people they love! If my loved ones were killed, I could stand up for anything. The more people taken away from me, the easier it is to stand up for what I believe. At the same time though, giving up becomes all the more tempting because of the sadness of being alone. I believe I would fight till there was justice for the ones I had lost. I wouldn’t stop until the wrongdoers were dead, or I was. After justice was given, I can’t say what I would do. I can’t make promises saying that I will keep on living, because I don’t know if they’d be true. What would you do?

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