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Annabeth had been nine when she first met the Stoll brothers.

It wasn’t under the best circumstances. In fact, she first met the infamous brothers with a knife on Travis’s throat while Connor held a slingshot to Luke’s face. It was kinda awkward. She would have never have the gut or the heart to hurt a defenseless boy younger and weaker than her but Connor didn’t know that. She saw a thousand emotions pass through his dirt brown eyes. One emotion kept replaying over and over again. Love. Then Connor lower his slingshot and throw it a good ten feet away, and raise his hands. His eyes, his eyes were so desperate and fearful, that Annabeth remember. He was under her mercy. If she want she could have taught the brothers a lesson, but she didn’t. Annabeth let his brother go. Annabeth had expected that to be the end, but no, Luke had to talk to them. He offer them a home at Camp Half Blood and she wanted to scream, ‘No! They can’t come! They’re not demigods!’ But she knew that was false. Mortals couldn’t do what they did. Mortals can’t steal from a son of Hermes, then trick that son of Hermes into falling into a trap, and was about to full out rob that son of Hermes. They refuse the offer and Annabeth thought that was the stupidest mistake ever. They left under stressed conditions. She thought that was the last, she'd seen of them.

Then a week later, on Christmas day, the brothers came trudging up Half Blood Hill in all their pathetic glory.

They were an instant buzz. Demigods want to know where they came from, why they were scruffy clothes, why they wouldn’t talk, why they look so alike, and Annabeth felt absolutely sorry for them. She could tell it was overwhelming them. She watch them flinch and shy away from the campers' gaz...

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...asks continue to break away. They smile more, they laugh more, they talk more. Then the day came when they pull their very first prank. Of course their very first victim was Cabin 11. They had sabotage the water supply to the shower, putting in a variety of different color dye. The Hermes cabin each had different, flamboyant hair for weeks.That day during dinner, Hermes claim the Stoll brothers as his sons.

Eventually everybody forgot the old Travis and Connor, the ones who would never smile and laugh. But Annabeth always remember and she had always remember what Travis had told her when Connor wasn’t around.

“Our mother once told us a story. Of two dead boys. They would always play. In their skeleton suits. Then one day the mother went to the two dead boys and found out it wasn’t suits. She killed the boys is crazy.”

Eight years later, she still remember.

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