Essay Compare and Contrast Tom and Huck in Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Comparing and Contrasting Tom and Huck

In Mark Twain?s novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the main character, Tom, is best friends with Huck. Tom and Huck seem very similar. But of course, everyone has their differences. They both have many freedoms and experiences, which differ. Their friendship means different things to each kid. There is also the factor of experience and intelligence. The boys are similar and different in many ways, but I think that it does not effect their friendship.

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are different in a couple ways. While on an adventure, Tom is usually the leader and Huck follows. Tom thinks in creative and crazy ways. But Huck is very straight forward, sometimes literally minded. The boys were also raised differently. Huck had nobody to l...

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