Climate Change and Agricultural Resources Essay

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Water. Water is the basis for life on earth. It hydrates our agricultural resources, powers our hydroelectric power stations and is essential for human hydration, sanitation, and all around survival. So it’s lucky that on earth, 70.8% of the surface is covered with water, however 97% of that water is high salinity seawater. The remainder is fresh water, but in that sliver of fresh water, only 25% is fluid water with 75% locked in polar ice caps in the arctic and Antarctica. Even though we can’t reach them, we’re contributing to the greenhouse effect (which effectively melts the caps and raises the sea level). But the freshwater we do have access to is usually locked away in groundwater reserves (or aquifers) or in an expansive lake/fast flowing river. But as we perform our daily activities, we add to climate change and in the last century, humans have caused the earth’s temperature to rise by 1˚C by releasing tonnes and tonnes of CO2 into our atmosphere. As we use up our water resources and contribute to climate change, we might start seeing water become either become a rare commodity, or an enemy to be hated as it can not only cause droughts and consequently, famines, but it can also have a positive effect. It can create larger rivers and lakes due to increased snow runoff, but this has a negative side-effect in its own right. The increased flows from rivers and runoff can create raging floods that can tear towns apart and leave thousands stranded on rooftops waiting for a helicopter or boat to pick them up. Here are a few perspectives on how climate change can not only create droughts and dust storms, but floods and erosion as well, and the sobering thought that all of this is caused by us just performing our daily ac...

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