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Whether or not we recognize it, each person has a worldview. In essence, each person has implicit assumptions as well as prejudices about the world, which in most occasions influence the manner in which we regard situations around us. Generally, a worldview is a kind of lenses that corrupts our view of the world around us. Singularly, our worldview is shaped by our level of education and cultural background, as well as upbringing among many other environmental factors. For most people, their worldview is nothing more than what they have observed in the environment. To these kinds of people, they wouldn’t be in a position to provide a rationale reason of their beliefs to others.
Christian worldview
As defined in () worldview is the profound integrated set of attitudes together with beliefs of a person or even a society about the world. Often, these attitudes along with beliefs embrace the totality of the person or society’s knowledge and standpoint (). Subsequently, these can precisely and clearly be expressed by involving natural doctrines, fundamental along with experiential and prescriptive accepted propositions such as values, emotions and ethics. Indeed, this are all maintained either consciously or subconsciously, in a style which could either be consistent or inconsistent.
Not only does our worldview influence how we perceive the world around us, but also it shapes what we see or anticipate seeing, and how we explain things. Particularly, this prejudice is visible in the mode in which we in respond to all queries of life. For example, if two individuals are placed under the same situation, there is a probability that each will define that situation differently depending on the preconception of their worldv...

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