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The purpose of this research is to explore the intriguing Chinese writing system in Hong Kong and how Cantonese is influencing Hong Kong people in writing Chinese. Another objective of the study is to detect the reasons behind the language phenomenon by investigating people’s attitudes towards colloquial forms in written styles.
Hong Kong has been returned to China for over sixteen years; nevertheless it remains socially and culturally varying from the mainland, with language as one of the best examples. In the recent decade, while Standard Chinese is promoted by the government and schools, Cantonese is not only used in spoken forms but also in written Chinese, which can be easily found in personal communication or published works. It is not surprising that Hongkongers personally include Cantonese in their messaging, but the topic becomes more intriguing when our local newspapers or movie scripts are getting used to the vernacular form. Despite the traditional associations of the vernacular form with lower status, educated people from middle-class begin to accept it. Therefore I am particularly interested in how and why Hongkongers use written Cantonese.
Relevant literature
The mixing of spoken Cantonese and written Chinese is a popular topic in the local linguistic field, and the writings on it are from various perspectives, ranging from the history, structure and causes.
The first academic piece about Cantonese as a written language is Robert Bauer’s “Written Cantonese of Hong Kong”, which defines key terms, including written Cantonese as “spoken Cantonese represented with written symbols” (1988, p. 246). He indicates that Cantonese is unique for Hongkongers because it facilitates communication and is unintelligible to main...

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...lture: Building Hong Kong on education (pp. 152-177). Hong Kong, HK: Longman.
Snow, D. (2004). Cantonese as written language: The growth of a written Chinese vernacular. Hong Kong, HK: Hong Kong University Press.
Wu, D. Y. (2000). Orality in Hong Kong print media. Language and education in postcolonial Hong Kong. Retrieved from /ctdwu /publication/Paper-Orality.pdf
Wu, D. Y. , Qin, X. B. and Ng, P. (2004). ‘香港報刊語言口語化的表現形式和功能 or Orality in Hong Kong Print Media’ , 當代語言學or Contemporary Linguistics, 6( 3), 248-256. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.
Wu, F. H. (2003). A study of written Cantonese and Hong Kong culture: The development of Cantonese dialect literature before and after the change of sovereignty (Master's thesis, The University of Hong Kong Pokfulam, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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