Champion Services, Inc. - Software Development Proposal Essay

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Champion Services, Inc. - Software Development Proposal

Champion Services, Inc., like all other companies, desires to be the best. When it comes to delivering high quality programming and service to the people of the northwest United States, Champion Services, Inc. feels that there is no one better. Champion Services, Inc. currently provides a basic Internet portal for its customers. This portal provides basic information and the ability to request more information by automating an email message. The portal provides no customer account information and provides no transactional capabilities. Champion Services, Inc. has decided to provide to its customers a fully functional Internet portal. This portal will be fully secured and require the customer to enter a username and password to gain access. The Internet portal will allow the customer to review and pay any outstanding balance, review account history, and modify their current service by selecting from various programming packages. Champion Services, Inc. has tasked the proposal team with drafting a preliminary proposal that meets the company's desired needs. The proposal team will identify the software development and administration issues currently facing the company, identify possible alternatives for developing the new application, recommend a course of action, and justify that recommendation.
To help Champion Services, Inc. understand what it needs to meet the stated goals, it is important to identify the issues the company currently faces. To successfully develop the new Internet portal application for its customers, Champion Services, Inc. must address three main issues. These areas of concern include the current network infrastructure, the skills and e...

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... for developing the new application, recommended a course of action, and justified that recommendation. The proposal team suggests the use of PHP and MySQL to build the new customer Internet portal application. Both of these technologies provide Champion Services, Inc. with the flexibility and scalability to take the customer experience to a higher level of quality.

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