The Case of the Drinking Age

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Do you think young ones should drink alcohol? Mostly the percentage of the people drinking in America. Can our young ones stop students from drinking? Yes, because we can stop alcohol's effect. This topic isn’t everyone agreed of. The enactment of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 prompted states to raise their legal age. Purchase or public possession of alcohol to 21 or risk losing millions in federal highway funds (GPO Access). We have to stay the age of 21 to drink because younger age of 18 or low cause a medically irresposibility, reduce the percentage of young age, and lower the crimes of age 18 or lower.
Most people agree lowing the MLDA 21 would be medically irresponsible. We should save the age in alcohol because it tells that alcohol interfere developed of young ones going to bad people who going to jail. It’s clear that people used alcohol for prank other people to drink alcohol so they can be dumb enough in their responsibility in themselves. Furthermore, at second fact tells it cause adults to get suicide, killing others, or make things risky for them. The fact tells us it can cause violence to people who are innocent and not been victimize (Birckmayer). In Conclusion, thinking about alcohol its violence that breaks the law.
Another reason to stop young ones to drink is because the MLDA 21 Law reduces the number of underage drinker. Most people agree that since the program started the percentage of underage drinkers has decreased in 1984 when most MLDA 21 laws came into crime effects. The fact was talking about lowering the crimes to make it safer with less alcohol. Studies from scientist indicate that when the ages 21 drink less, it continues to get less risky and it calms down. This fact is the age 21 drinks less cause fewer crimes from being suicide (.Fell). In Conclusion, getting less alcohol can save many innocent lives from suicide or poison.
Although some people think it’s ok to let younger adult to drink alcohol because MLDA 21 isn't statistically associated with lower rates of crimes. According to the meta-study of the legal drinking age and social problem in 2002, 72% of studies founded no evidence in drinking age 18 get killed or suicide. This fact says that there is no evidence in drinking alcohol in age 18 (Wagenaar). However they were wrong because Lower MLDA 21 to 18 will irresponsibly allow a greater sergeant of population to drink alcohol into crimes.

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The Case of the Drinking Age Essay - Do you think young ones should drink alcohol. Mostly the percentage of the people drinking in America. Can our young ones stop students from drinking. Yes, because we can stop alcohol's effect. This topic isn’t everyone agreed of. The enactment of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 prompted states to raise their legal age. Purchase or public possession of alcohol to 21 or risk losing millions in federal highway funds (GPO Access). We have to stay the age of 21 to drink because younger age of 18 or low cause a medically irresposibility, reduce the percentage of young age, and lower the crimes of age 18 or lower....   [tags: youth and alcohol consumption]
:: 5 Works Cited
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In this information say that neighbors with higher densities of bars, nightclubs, and other alcohol that sell location suffer more refrigerant assent and other violence crimes. This fact was from cities, county, and States selling alcohol all over the world making crimes such as wars, fights, and murder victim who gotten refuse of alcohol (O’Donnell). In conclusion, buying alcohol is dangerous. Stay out of the problem and get in the solution against alcohol.
In Conclusion, the reason why stay the age high because lower MLDA 21 isn’t medical responsible, reduce numbers of underage, and lower 21 to 18 will cause irresponsible sergeant to population of crimes. It’s important for everyone prevent any cost of drinking alcohol or their risk decision, and for students to make their lives better than alcohol itself. In Conclusion, if you accept this idea it can make America a better place, student would graduate easier, and people make less accident around the country. People will thank us for make it safe for people and other reasons. If we can stop young drinkers, they will understand the idea and it can save lives from deaths of alcohol. . We can make a difference and people will bless us from alcohol. So please help us and free the world before its too late.

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