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Negotiations occur every day in the business and personal environments. Depending on one’s perspective, business negotiations may have more importance or personal negotiations may have more importance. However, business negotiations, and personal negotiations are intertwining. Business negotiations can have an influence on personal negotiations and personal negotiation can influence business negotiations.
Experiences through business negotiations, even if subconsciously, often determine the outcomes of personal negotiations. One may not realize the importance of business negations in the personal environment; however, the influences may determine the outcome of simple negotiations such as a location for dinner. Additionally, negotiation experiences in business environments can be instrumental in major personal negotiations. Major personal negotiations can include purchases of real property, or negotiating salary and benefits at one’s employer.
Because negotiations can have a major impact on business and personal decisions, gaining an understanding of negotiating factors and tactics is essential. Without understanding and knowledge of negotiation factors, one may not achieve a desirable outcome, or at least an outcome that will be acceptable. Obtaining a desirable outcome from negotiations is the goal for parties with a direct or indirect interest in the issue receiving consideration. Negotiating a desirable outcome may be dependent on two major negotiating factors, communication, and personality. The methods of communication and personality of the negotiators are influences on the negotiation process and outcome. Gaining an understanding of communication in the negotiation process and an understanding of personality i...

... middle of paper ... personality factor of understanding a lack of business knowledge is evident allows communicating non-tangible aspects in a positive manner. When the negotiation was complete, the first individual successfully retained the desirable home. Contributing to the success is the understanding of personality and communication.
Obtaining a desirable outcome from negotiations is the goal of all parties with a direct or indirect interest in the issue receiving consideration. Negotiating a desirable outcome is dependent on two major negotiating factors, communication, and personality. In the case scenario, I was successful using personality and communication in negotiation. Gaining an understanding of communication in the negotiation process and an understanding of personality in the negotiation process can contribute to acceptable results for all parties.

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