Essay on Benefits of Cloning to Humanity

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Cloning has been an interesting topic since the nineteen fifties, but became very popular in nineteen ninety after the dolly sheep cloning experiment. “.First cloned animal - a tadpole - was created in 1952, the most publicly significant event in the history of cloning was the creation of Dolly the Sheep in 1996 at the Roslin Institute Cloning ( Web. 25 Mar. 2014)". Since then, it has continued to grow and become very popular in todays society. It has been a very contrversal topic over rather it serve as a good or bad experiment for the world.
Cloning is basically taking ones DNA and copying it to form something that’s looks and acts very much the same as the original. Clones can be formed unnaturally and naturally. Identical twins look and for the most part act the same and is an example of cloning naturally. An example of unnatural cloning would be if a lady cat died, and she wanted to recover the cat she would take the cats brush, remove the hair from the brush, send it to a cloning center, let them analyze the hair, copy the DNA, and place that DNA within an egg, and place the egg in a cat to give birth to the same kitten she lost. Cloning has served as a great solution for not only humans but also animals. Cloning serves as an important tool in todays society, such as gene therapy, which rebuild or replaces genetic organisms, and sequence genomes. Cloning has helped women who have faced infertility problems by using reproductive cloning, by having their eggs cloned and then given to another woman to birth her child for her. In today’s society surrogate mothers have become a popular use for a natural insemination. This gives couples more alternatives than just adopting, to have a baby similar to their...

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