Battle to Survive: Preserving Interscholastic Sports Essay

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the Board of Education. We are here today to discuss the topic of whether interscholastic sports and activities should be discontinued or not. In this troubling economic crisis, change needs to be made to ensure the schools can keep running financially well. Obviously, cuts and new methods need to be made and enforced to help ensure this. The practice of interscholastic sports between schools has been there for a long duration of time. It has been a way for students to enjoy themselves and keep them fit. However, in this time of economic distress, it is time at least make an effort to save money. Ladies and gentlemen, interscholastic sports should be not be cut, rather reduced, to help the schools save money.
To save money annually, interscholastic sport games should be reduced but not cut back completely. Several games of each interscholastic sport should be removed. Also the amount of students who can enter should be limited, and the number of tournaments each sport can enter should also be limited too. Instead of for example twelve volleyball games, there would only be ten games. The process of cutting back on the games of the interscholastic sports would save the schools a couple of thousands of dollars each year possibly. Additionally, some home games such as football rake in a lot of money due to the number of people who attend.
Interscholastic sports also are physically and mentally beneficial to students who participate in them. These sports teach the students skills such as leadership, how to take a loss, confidence, social skills, and even attitude control. These sports are ways for students to have a source of fitness. Taking away sports leaves students with littl...

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... science project, or they stop doing nothing to start working on their english essay. Most students who participate in sports will also a succeed academically.
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen of the Board of Education, it would be a regretful move to cut the interscholastic sports. The many benefits of it such as healthier students, better interpersonal skills, and better academic success, all lead to the fact that the interscholastic sports should be kept in place. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, you should all vote to keep the interscholastic sports and approve the plan of reducing the number of games or finding other ways to secure money. The decision that you make today is not just for the schools but for the future of the world—the students. Support the idea of keeping interscholastic sports. You will not regret it. Thank-you.

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