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There has always been some sort of Christianity in history. Always new ways of doing things with each generation that comes of age. The changes that are made have not been with the conception of destroying the established ways but with establishing a continuity to preserve what is now and what is new. This is known as the preservation of type or the first note of fidelity of the existing developments of Christianity also known as the Principles of Christianity. There are three particular principles that I find to be intriguingly fascinating.
The Bible is full of instructions as to how God wants his people to live. It speaks of our relationship with God himself, the place of prayer and his word in our lives, and how to grow in that relationship. It talks about relationships in the home, relationships with other believers, how we should treat our enemies, our attitude to our authoritative figure and employees, what we should do with the gifts God has given us, the virtues we should seek to develop in our characters, our attitude to material possessions,and how we should regard this life in relationship to the next. We don't require any special guidance to find out God's will about these things. All we need to do is read the Bible regularly and prayerfully and seek to obey the things that God teaches us from it. Much of God's will has already been made plain. God gives us the Holy Spirit for the very purpose of enabling us to obey.
However, though the Bible is full of general principles of demeanor, it obviously doesn't give us specific instructions in many situations we may face. It tells us what our attitude to our work should be, but it doesn't tell us whether we should be butchers, bakers or missionaries. It gives a minimum o...

... middle of paper ... country, so as not to call the loyalty of the men into question, many
of the units based in Britain were from the Middle East and so Christianity spread to Britain quite quickly.
The basic principles of Christianity seem to be much more important than most give credit for. Next time you see or think of the basic principles of Christianity, think about what you just read and realize what is really going on. It is likely you under valued basic principles of Christianity before, but will possibly start to give the credit needed and deserved. In my opinion basic principles of Christianity parades along man's streets and man waves back. It enlightens our daily lives, ensures financial stability and is a joy to behold. In conclusion, the Roman Empire appeals to Christianity play a large part in the lives of all. It brings peace, applauds greatness and never hides.

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