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Review of Kids Health Website
The internet is widely used with massive amounts of information at the tips of ones fingers. Kids Health is a website that has been around for almost twenty years. Having four sites in one, with sections for parents, kids, teens, and educators ensures them an audience of all ages and backgrounds. Kids Health, dedicated to providing the audience with wide prospective, factual advice, and comfort on a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues affecting children and teens (Health, 2012). Kids Health’s knowledge about ADHD is what will be under review seeing as how it is a growing concern in our young people. With such an extensive audience and an emotional topic, this website needs to be current, accurate, objective, extensively covered, and use proper authority with the information given.
First thing someone would want to look for on a credible website is currency. Was this written years ago and then abandoned? Does Kids Health’s information coincide with credible information, such as knowledge the audience may know about ADHD or could find through known credible resources? If one looks at the end of the article on the Kids Health site, they would see that the particular article in question was reviewed in January 2010 that is recent enough to feel like one is getting current information. If one would like to broaden their knowledge on the currency of the site than they can click on the “about Kids Health” link at the bottom of the page. There they will find the following statement, “Ongoing, scheduled medical reviews ensure that the information is as up-to-date as possible (Health, 2012).” Now one knows the site is current but more research is necessary to see if the information given i...

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...or audiences of all ages. They have proven to be current, accurate with their information, objective and without bias, properly covered, and use proper authority. This website is a safe referral for someone looking for information about ADHD. So the next time one has a loved one looking for credible information send them to the Kids Health website.

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