The Associations Between ADHD Symptoms and Boredom Proneness, Sleep Disorders, Self-Esteem, and Academic Achievements

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Previous tests have revealed associations between ADHD symptoms and boredom proneness, sleep disorders, self-esteem and academic achievements in children. These affects can influence the overall academic achievement dramatically, especially the affect that academic achievement receives from self esteem in particular when a result of ADHD. A test was performed on a group of fifth and sixth graders where it was revealed that the scores on a self-esteem test are able to more accurately estimate the result of the child’s academic achievements, even more so than standardized tests. Theses results were profound, and as a result more tests were performed on young children with ADHD to see if a correlation could be determined. One test resulted in the discovery that children with high ADHD scores had statistically lower self esteem scores than the co-twin control group in children ages 8 and 13 year olds.
But ADHD affects in academic achievements has only been frequently studied in younger groups, like children and adolescents, with little research done on ADHD’s affect on college students and their resulting academic achievements. This study is relevant because it is suspected that people who are diagnosed with ADHD may experience different symptoms as they age but will always have the disorder present, and perhaps it could be revealing itself through different behaviorisms. By conducting this study there could be a way to see if the past findings of ADHD related behaviors in young students are similar to the affects college students are having in their academic lives. Also, this research could determine if ADHD’s negative academic affects are only specialized to the college students with ADHD, or if the affects are r...

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...HD like the researchers expected, the results from the experiment could still help allow teachers to be more aware of the signs of a boredom prone student. Also, with this new knowledge teachers could try to use more interactive learning systems, and different methods of instruction to students who are more prone to boredom resulting in a rise in course grades and participation. Also, knowing that there was no correlation between having ADHD and doing poorly academically could help bring assurance to students in college who have the disorder, by allowing them to see that it has been tested and ADHD students aren’t any lower in GPA than the average student.

Castens, A. R., & Overbey, G. A. (2009). ADHD, Boredom, Sleep Disturbances, Self- Esteem, and Academic Achievements in College Students. Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research, 14(2), 52-58.

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