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The purpose of standardized testing is to measure students progress in a variety of academic subject areas. Standardized tests vary depending on the state. A few of the test administered in florida are the FCAT, ACT, and SAT. So much emphasis is placed on passing these tests that students spend more time worrying about it the consequences they will face if they fail, than actually preparing for the exam. Is this test a true reflection of a students knowledge? A student’s academic level and future should not be determined by a 105 question test on reading and mathematics. As an alternative to taking these tests, students should have a comprehensive end of the year exam in each subject area covered throughout that year. Standardized test result in teachers who teach to the test, therefore not accurately measuring student’s knowledge, but instead measuring a student’s test taking ability. Meanwhile, students in other countries taking alternative assessments other than Standardized test excel above academic levels of the United States.
A typical teacher’s curriculum in the public school system is designed around specific areas being assessed in high state testing. This method is called "teaching to the test". Educators are not left with room for creativity in the classroom when constantly being drilled to base an entire school year around only subject areas touched upon in these exams. For example, if the educator saw that a certain student had particular interest in a topic but that certain topic was not being assessed in the exam his or her interest would most likely not be drawn upon. The end result is an increase in students dropping out of school because of their lack of motivation. Three million young Americans drop out of hi...

... middle of paper ... "teaching to the test", therefore their students are way more prepared than those in the United States for life and work. It is obvious that the United States school board should look into changing these Standardized test or just flat out removing them. The United States would most likely see a boost in the amount of students that finish school and graduate. Outside of the United States not many countries take these Standardized test. Instead their method is most similar to the end of the year exam test.
With teacher’s limited creativity due to their curriculum being based strictly around standardized exams, students lack life skills that kids taking end of year exams have. So with this said, it is obvious that for the United States to be up to par education wise, actions must immediately be taken to change the way school systems function in the United States.

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