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1. Introduction
For a company no matter which sector it is doing business, it has to adopt its business environment. This process may differ in different sectors of course such as it changes faster in technology sector and it may change slower in food & beverage sector. However, all the companies in different sectors have common mission which is continuous improvement. A company may become the market leader in 20 years of experience and dominates all markets with having all bargaining powers, securing its current position as a market leader by being best is much way harder. Holding your position at the top no matter which sector you are in needs more research, competitive analysis, motivation, innovation and one of the most significant key is continuous improvement.
Continuous improvement is important because it seeks to improve products, services or processes so as to improve competitive position. If you think that you are the best and you do not need any more improvement for your business, you are in a big mistake. To illustrate, as Michael Keefe gave an example for the need of improvement, Tiger Woods which is one of the richest sports player in the world and the number one golfer in the world, he still had the desire to improve: He got himself a coach and they spent time improving his swing. Therefore, this continuous improvement is not a self-inflicted thing where there are some “tools” to achieve “CI” such as TQM, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, SMAIC Model and EFQM Excellence Model which supports it most in numerous ways. Regardless it’s going to be analysed and discussed how EFQM plays role in continuous improvement and be a solution for barriers to achieve “CI”.
Excellence Model implicates continuous improvement; such as ...

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...mmitment to bottom-up improvement. Employees are the key factor delivering the improved process. They can be opposed to continuing change if the is no consistent communication about the constant stream of improvement. Moreover, reinforcing the employees to get involved in continuous improvement is another issue in the process of employee engagement. Just the informing of change is not important, they should be ensured to contribute to the improvement by themselves as individuals which the methods for doing this should be effective (Gunnarsdóttir 2012).

To overcome those barriers to continuous improvement, identifying what needs to change and why it must change will help the “change process” for employees not to be astonished. Classifying the outcomes for the company of not reacting to the challenge could be the next step.

2.3 Role of EFQM in “CI”

3. Conclusion

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