Analisis of The State of the Union 2014 Speech by President Obama

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Rhetorical Analysis
Words have power. However, for them to have the desired impact on the audience, some styles have to be incorporated in articulating them out. Orators of the time are best known for their ability to touch people through words. One such person is President Obama. He has a way of making people remember what he has said. This is because; he has styles that he uses in his speech which capture the interest and emotions of the listener. Oppositely, a speaker may want to bring out a certain point, but the choice of technique may impede the passage of such a point to the audience. Basing on this, it is vital for speakers not just to come with word they think are appropriate but also make a choice of the techniques that will influences the delivery of the desired message. Information regarding the styles and techniques utilized by the speaker cannot be gathered unless thee speech is critically analyzed. Accordingly, one of the speeches by President Obama is going to be analyzed.
The State of the Union 2014 speech by President Obama is going to be analyzed. The president gave out this speech on 28th January 2014 in Washington D.C. the speech was delivered before a joint session of the congress.

Thesis Statement
Pathos, logos and ethos are techniques incorporated in speeches to ensure that the audience is reached to. However, the employment if any of these techniques has to be thoroughly thought about so as to positively implicate on the delivery of the intended information. Speakers drive their desired point home through capturing the emotions of the audience. Some relate to varied scenarios that might be of interests to the audience. Moreover, some of the speakers use approved facts. By studying the ...

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... real life stories like the one for Misty DeMars and Andra Rush Company. This is to show how people are industrious in the American society so that the leaders do not let them down.
A speech utilizes information that may be interesting to the audience or that which is known. This is to make sure that information relayed creates the desired impact. The president has used factual information, examples, emotions and a persuading tone to urge the leaders to work together with him so as to ensure the welfare of the people. He has been able to explain the efforts of the people and where the leaders might be failing to influence positively on the people. Accordingly, he has explained to the people the methods which can be effective in ensuring that they remain committed to the people they serve. In addition, he had explained his personal commitment to the same.

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