America Needs Private Prisons Essay

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Reminisce back into the elementary school days, where hundreds of kids start to line up for food at the cafeteria. Now picture that cafeteria stuffed with multitudes of bunk beds side by side in which the whole school has to sleep in. Any parent would disapprove of a living situation that is similar to that, but all over the nation, prisoners are facing those exact problems. With the rise of the prison population in America, prisons all over the nation fear what could lead to huge detrimental consequences, one of which is overcrowding. What started out as buildings to only house couple thousands of dangerous criminals, drug offenders, and etc., are now turning into towns and cities of inmates with more prisoners than it can provide for. Many factors contribute to the overpopulation of prisons, but are the government funded prisons the best way of resolving this issue? The expansion of more private prisons has been a topic of many debates in America, especially in California, due to the many issues popping up in state run prisons. Third party prisons would not only help the huge overcrowding dilemma, but many other issues in the prison as well. The installment of more private prisons would satisfy both the taxpayers and prisoners and transitioning to the privatization of prisons would overall benefit the nation as a whole.
As new criminal offenses are added to the penal code and the war on drugs increases, the rate at which inmates are being incarcerated has shot up. While these stricter rules can benefit the public from illegal activities, it is one of the main causes of overcrowding that is an eminent problem in many prisons. Overcrowded prisons usually have rooms that carry more inmates than it is supposed to. If overcrow...

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